Artist Interview: M Callahan

When I fall in love with a CD, an EP, a song, or an artist nine times out of ten it's because of one reason: the music is relatable
There's something special about closing your eyes when listening to a song and being able to see the story in your mind
Michael Callahan or known by most of you all as M Callahan is one of the most relatable artists I've ever heard. 
His music tells a story that anyone would want to hear. 

-Hometown/currently live-
Grew up in North Little Rock, Arkansas then went to college in Texas then came to Nashville.

-What made you want to start singing?- 
I played in all kinds of bands, but was never the lead singer I didn’t think I was good enough…after a while I got over that and slowly started to sing….I think I was just shy. I still am a little bit!

-Who are your biggest musical inspirations?- 
My biggest inspirations would have to be artists like Merle Haggard, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban, Kenny Rogers and Randy Travis.

My Dad was also a huge influence on my country music education. He tought me chords on his old Alavarez acoustic guitar, introduced me to quality country music, and schooled me on quality programming such as Hee-Haw.

-Do you write your own music?- 
I do write my own music. The current Ep “Chicken on a Chain” as well as the previous EP “Trailer Park Paradise” have songs that I co-wrote with various writers in Nashville and Texas.

-Where do you get inspiration to write your songs?- 
The inspiration comes from many different places such as the type of life that I have led or try to lead. I mainly try to focus on subjects that I can relate to or have lived. The songs topics can sway from going through a painful relationship all the way to finding a new solid love that keeps on giving.

-What is your favorite song you've written?-
That’s hard I would say Baptized By Your Love or God’s Green Earth. That’s a tough question it’s a little like asking a parent to pick which child they love the most..…you love them all

-What moment in your music career is your favorite so far?- 
I would say each day that progresses. I’m starting to see my fans grow and it’s really cool to connect with them and hear what they think about the music. It’s great to see the songs touch people’s lives. I enjoy them reaching out whether it’s to get to know me more or just say thanks. I try to write music that is true to my self and the audience that cranks it up.

-Where do you see yourself in a year?     5 years?- 
Probably in a dark studio with a set of headphones on cutting vocals for another album!

 -If I wasn't a singer I would be… a (veterinarian) Why?-
Dogs rock! And donkeys too! I may get a small pig as a pet….I’m checking into that.

 >>Okay, I always ask people to tell me one thing about themselves that is random or strange that most people don't know! <<
When I was in kindergarden I use to stand up in the front of the classroom and sing opera for all the other children…..weird I know!
{EP Review--In My Country Music Loving Opinion}
I got this CD in a different way. I follow Michael on Twitter and I just happened to see he was giving away copies to the first 10 people to retweet him. I was retweet number two and I am super glad
However, it is no secret that I would have bought it later that day anyway!
I have listened to nothing but this EP for the past three days {with no end in sight!} and I love it more every time I hear it! 
--"I can't remember my name. I'm like a chicken on a chain."--
[This song is super country and up-tempo! This is for sure a song to start any Saturday night off right!]
--"It's just a dot on the map, but it's home to me."--
[This is a song that could be written about any southern hometown and that makes it relatable to everyone. There's something comforting about this song and his voice makes it even more perfect!]
--"I can't forgive the hell I've put you through. A better man would've never lost you. But some cold hard truth, I'll always be in love with you."--
 [Everyone has gone through a heartbreak at some point. I alway seem to gravitate towards songs that make me think of certain people or situations. This song is hands down my favorite on the EP. It's about losing the one person you'll always love only to see them with someone else. Heartbreak is never easy but a song like this could always help!]
--"Let my fingers do the talkin'. Can you feel them singin' I love you? Aw baby there ain't nobody can touch your body like I do."--
[This is such a sweet yet sexy song. I love that this is a song that makes you just exude confidence when you are with the one person who makes you most comfortable in your own skin.]
--"Can we ever find a way on back? Strike a match and pray the fires catch. I wanna feel the flame like that day we fell in love. I'd give anything to feel like that day we fell in love."--
[There is something about a romantic ballad that draws me in every time. This is another one that anyone who has ever had a broken heart could relate to. This song tells the story of a love that fades and the person isn't ready to give up on the spark that once burned.]
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When I think about the new love I have for Michael Callahan and his music I have a hard time putting it into words. There is something so relatable about him and the songs he sings. They tell a story and paint a perfect picture every time. 
I want to describe M Callahan and his EP by using his own words. I think his music is….
{God's Green Earth}

Special thanks to Michael for allowing me to do this interview with him. I am thankful for the opportunity and I hope to review his music again in the future!

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