Artist Interview: Mitch Goudy

A Little Q&A With One Of Country Music's RISING STARS!
It is no secret that I love music…COUNTRY MUSIC and if you know me well at all, you know that I LOVE finding new country singers who I think will hit it big really soon. 

Well I have realized that one of my favorite Twitter followers should have been added to this list a long time ago. 

His name? Mitch Goudy

I love artists who have a sound that is different from others but not so different that it's not country anymore. Mitch does both in a way that makes him seem like he's been in the business for decades. There is a slight rasp in his voice that draws people in extremely quickly.

I always hesitate to recommend people to artists I've not known about for very long. In this case though, I know that you all will adore his music as much as I do. His new album WILD is one that I listen to daily. This CD offers so many different versions of Mitch's voice. I personally think this is why I like it so much. You get the fast paced "radio songs" PLUS the slow ballads where Mitch's rasp and soulful sound are really showcased. 

When Mitch approached me to write about him in my blog, I JUMPED at the offer. And to say I am thoroughly pleased with the interview is an understatement. Even though I didn't think it was possible, I grew to like him even more. I was able to get to know Mitch on a more personal level and learn some of his background story. I am beyond appreciative that he took time out of his crazy schedule to complete a quick interview with me.


(A Q&A With The country Singer)
1. Age?
I'm 19 years old! Born in November! 

2. Where are you originally from?
I'm from southeast Iowa, but I'm a huge Nebraska Cornhusker fan because most of my family is from Nebraska. GO BIG RED

3. Do you live in Nashville now? If so, when did you move?
I spend a lot of my time in Nashville. Lately I have been callin' the road my home. Tonight I'm in Wisconsin, and who knows where I will be next week haha. I started going down to Nashville when I was 15, my Mom brought me the first time and I think that’s when I caught the "Country Music Bug". 

4. Who do you think your music is most like? Do you base your sound off any other country singers?
One thing I always try to do is just be myself. Which sounds cliché but it's true. I'm not trying in any way to copy anyone, because then I think you lose the authenticity in your music. Growing up I listened to a lot of Garth Brooks, Bob Segar, and really anything that was on the radio at the time. My favorite country singers are Vince Gill, Garth Brooks, Eric Church and I'm really diggin' Lee Brice lately.

5. Who made you want to become a singer?
I have been singing my entire life, it started when I was 3 years old doing sound checks at a local dirt track every Saturday night. My Dad was the soundman so he let me go up there and "Check 1, 2, 3..." But eventually it turned into me going up there and singing for awhile. I was around country music a lot so it was just natural once I got a guitar in my hands to sing country music. So I did. :P.

6. Do you play any instruments? 
I do, I wont tell you every single instrument I play, some are secret, maybe someday I'll tell everyone some of the weird instruments I play. But I admit to playing guitar, drums, bass, and piano.

7. If you could sing a duet with anyone living OR dead who would it be and why?
Oh man, tough question. Off the top of my head, Dolly, because her voice is just legit.

8. What song off your album WILD is your favorite and why?
Everyone is my favorite in a different way. 12 of the 13 songs on the album I wrote, so I definitely feel them all. "My Girls Hand" means a lot to me, and "Stained Glass" was one of the best Co-Writes I have ever had. But each song is just a different flavor of me so its REALLY hard to just choose one.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
You know I just trust Gods plan for me and don't fret too much about it. If things worked out perfect I would be doing what I love for a living what ever that will be in a few years, and waking up motivated to get the day going.

10. ANYTHING ELSE? If you want to tell me anything else to add please feel free!
You rock for writing a blog! I'm excited to read it. Oh and random fact about me, I'm terrible at skipping rocks. 

So there you have it. Mitch is a typical 19 year old with a Nashville heart. He clearly plays a lot of instruments (some of which will remain a secret until maybe the next time I get a chance to blog with him!?) He has sound that is completely different than those of his favorite singers. He loves Garth Brooks and Lee Brice just like most people in the South do. He's opened for stars like Lynard Skynrd and Joe Nichols. He writes his own music. 
This guy not only has the twang for country music, he also has the heart, soul, and passion to back it up.

At the end of the day I can tell you that I am a huge fan of this guy and I personally think his future looks really bright. I listen to his cd on repeat all the time and I’m willing to bet if you buy it you will also. Purchase WILD HERE on iTunes NOW!

With all that being said, I only have one final question…

I’m proud to say I’m one of Goudy's Rowdies. 
Can you say the same thing? 

I am also happy to say that Mitch Goudy has been chosen as one of CMA's "Who New To Watch" 2014.
Congratulations Mitch!

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I have LOVED wiring this blog post and sharing some great music with my followers. I am grateful for this opportunity and I hope to stay in contact with Mitch in the future. Who knows…I may write about his next CD, his WEIRD INSTRUMENTS, or his first grammy. The world is endless and so is this guy's talent.
Check out my personal favorite song by Mitch