....I'm calling dibs on a life full of the best country jams.

What feels like a lifetime ago, I created TL on a whim. A whim based off my uniqueness and lust for unheard jams
Nearly two years later, I'm still grinding
I work daily to put the right jams in the hands of y'all
I search high, low, and deep within my soul to recruit some of the next big thangs
I write because it feels as easy as breathing. This is just the beginning of my music addiction and dreams. 

But first, let me introduce myself in a nonconventional way.
So here's told by a few country artists and a few best friends.
Morgan is a 23-year-old small town girl with dreams as big as Tennessee and as bright as those Nashville lights
If the music is good, she dances. 
If there is a concert rolling into town, she has a ticket stub. 
If there is an unknown or on-the-rise artist out there, she will find them.

Everyone's heard the old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words." Well Morgan's life is worth a thousand pictures, memories, smiles, music lyrics, and ticket stubs. 

Most of Morgan's best friends, are playlists. 
She has her own story and vocabulary. 
But oh what a beautiful language she speaks. 
That's what you'll find when you get to know Morg.

Believing in something bigger than yourself is exactly why true artist create their own style of music. 
For Morgan, getting that music out to the ears that need to hear it has become her passion
Helping other people's dreams come true is exactly what Morgan does on a daily basis
And that is the main reason why one day her own dreams shall come to life also.
She has a wicked brain and refuses to let her life be defined by a shell.
And if you're here, there's a good chance you have the same fire in your soul as she does. 

Let's listen to some country music and let it burn a little brighter.

I believe music is the key to the soul and we shouldn't just listen to a song but absorb it instead. Life is better barefoot. Take a step outside and dance in the rain to some ole' country song.

Join in reading the southern breathings of my soul while liberating your uniqueness and clinging to your individuality. Let the music connect us as humansheart to heart.

"Every great story started with a dream, and every great dream comes with a story."

W E L C O M E     T O
T H E    T E N N E S S E E   L I F E

Morgan Hill Sellers